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Dick Bedeaux – International Visiting Fellow 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

From 15 October till 9 of November 2018 Professor Dick Bedeaux from the Norwegian University of Science and technology (NTNU) is visiting our Centre for Computational Physics as one of first two International Visiting Fellows supported by the Lincoln Institute for Advanced Studies. Professor Bedeaux is a world leader in the field of non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

CECAM workshop on Nano-structured Soft Matter

From June 25th to June 27th 2018 the School of Mathematics and Physics hosted a CECAM workshop “Nano-structured soft matter: a synergy of approaches to amphiphilic and block copolymer systems” bringing together experts in two research fields of soft matter physics: block co-polymers and lipid amphiphilic systems. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate… Read More ›

Fiona’s graduation

On 24th of January 2018 Fiona Bissett had her graduation ceremony in Lincoln Cathedral. Fiona is our second graduate in the history of the school, and the first Master by Research. Her Master of Science by Research thesis “Computational study of the self-assembly of hypoxanthine in the gas-phase and on the Au(111) surface” was written under the… Read More ›

Inauguration ceremony

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
In an exciting ceremony on 1st of September 2016 at 3:30 pm our school was officially inaugurated by Professor Efim Zelmanov. The ceremony was a part of the first maths conference in Lincoln and on a such an occasion the conference participants were joined by the school staff…

Roberta’s graduation

In a fantastic graduation ceremony on 5 September 2016 Roberta Dessi received her PhD degree. She is our first graduate in Lincoln, and she was also the first student in the graduation ceremony inside the magnificent Lincoln cathedral! Years of hard work were celebrated during this wonderful day!

Newton’s apple tree in Lincoln!

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
Elizabeth Allen, the university PR Officer, writes: In a commemorative event on Tuesday 1st March 2016, a graft was taken from the ancient apple tree which still survives in Newton’s birthplace at Woolsthorpe Manor, near Grantham. This is the tree from which it is reputed Newton saw an apple…

ICON2 2015

On 11 September 2015 Manuela Mura gave an invited talk about “Theoretical characterisation of STM assembly of flat organic molecules on Au(111) surface” at the first edition of ICON2 “International conference on novel nanomaterials”.

The future of multi-scale soft matter modeling

International Lorentz workshop “The future of multi-scale soft matter modeling” took place on 31.08-4.09.2015 in Leiden, Holland. Around 25 scientists, including PhD students, took part in intensive program comprising  of lectures, poster and oral presentations and extensive Q&A and discussion sessions. The discussed simulation methods ranged from quantum and full atomistic molecular dynamics to various… Read More ›

Nano-world in your hand

A wonderful structure produced with modern technology of 3D printing arrived today by post. The 3D print was produced in the group of Dr. C. Heath Turner, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, the University of Alabama, USA. The structure represents an approximatelly one hundred thousand times magnified nano-structure of block copolymers under electric field… Read More ›

We are in Soft Matter World again!

Exactly 3 years ago our group was featured in the Soft Matter World newsletter for the first time. This month we are in the Soft Matter World newsletter again, but from a different university – University of Lincoln, and we are becoming larger! is a website dedicated to all areas of soft matter physics, chemistry and… Read More ›

International symposium on computational condensed matter – a success

On 7-9 September 2014 our group organized an International Symposium and Workshop “Computational condensed matter: advances and challenges“. The event took place in the sea-coast town of Whitehaven in western part of the Lake District National Park in UK. The event marked 10 years of our group. Coincidentally, it was the first scientific event  organized by… Read More ›

Roberta receives Springer Poster Prize

Roberta Dessi receives Springer Poster Prize at CompMat2014.

Our physicist in US calendar

UCLan reports on the new US Soft Matter calendar. Download yourself a free copy, and enjoy our image in December 2013 ! UCLAN PHYSICIST WINS AN INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION A physicist from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has won an international art competition. Dr Marco Pinna won the first “Where Soft Matter Science Meets… Read More ›

Visit by Nobel Laureate

Originally posted on iNano:
On 11 and 12 of July Professor Sir Harold Kroto FRS, Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1996), has visited UCLan and officially launched UCLan’s new Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering. He unveiled the official plaque for the Institute after delivering  a fascinating public lecture. Professor Kroro attended several presentations by young researchers of the Institute…


Pinna M., Zvelindovsky A. V. “Large scale simulation of block copolymers with Cell Dynamics”, Eur. Phys. J. B 85 (2012) 210, 18pp.

Dick Bedeaux 70 !

On September 17th 2011 Marco, Manuela, Alessio and Andrei attend a symposium in the honour of Dick Bedeaux 70s birthday

Inaugural lecture

International guests attend Andrei’s Inaugural lecture

Andrei delivered his Inaugural Professorial lecture ‘What a wonderful nano-world’


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