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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
Lincoln’s School of Mathematics and Physics wishes a happy new year 2019 to all staff, students, friends and followers!

Bart Hoogenboom visiting

On the 5th of December 2018 Prof. Bart Hoogenboom from the Department of Physics & Astronomy, UCL, London, has visited our Centre and gave a seminar.

IOP Computational Physics Group Committee meeting

In last week committee meeting, the Institute of Physics (IOP) Computational Physics Group Committee elected Bart Vorselaars as its new Treasurer.

Successful CECAM grant bidding

Xiaohu Guo from Daresbury Laboratory, UK, Fabien Paillusson, Marco Pinna and Andrei Zvelindovsky from the University of Lincoln, UK and Ryoichi Yamamoto from the University of Kyoto in Japan have secured a grant from CECAM (Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire) for organizing a CECAM Workshop “Emerging behaviour in active matter: computational challenges” in 2019.

University Staff Awards 2018

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
After the ceremony: (R-L): Debra Brown, Prof. Waqar Ahmed and  Dr. Fabien Paillusson. On 21st November 2018 the University of Lincoln held its annual Individual Merit and Team Achievement Awards ceremony. Congratulations to our staff who received their awards: Debra Brown, Prof. Waqar Ahmed and  Dr. Fabien Paillusson.

100,000 hits

Our blog got 100,000 hits since its launch!

Dick Bedeaux visits Daan Frenkel

On 30 October 2018 Professor Dick Bedeaux, Lincoln International Visiting Fellow, has visited Professor Daan Frenkel at the University of Cambridge. Dick gave a talk in Daan’s group in Cambridge with the title: “Non-isothermal transport of immiscible fluids in a porous material: surface contributions to driving forces”.

Andrew J. Archer visiting

On the 10th of October 2018 Prof. Andrew Archer from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University, has visited our Centre and gave a seminar.

Halim Kusumaatmaja visiting

On the 3rd of October 2018 Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja from the Department of Physics, University of Durham, has visited our Centre and gave a seminar.

Yulii D Shikhmurzaev visiting

On 26 October 2018 Professor Yulii D Shikhmurzaev from the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham has visited our Centre and gave a seminar.

Science bites – After hours night at the manor

Originally posted on Study Physics:
On Wednesday 26th September Andrei Zvelindovsky gave a short talk titled “Newton’s mathematics revolution and modern physics” at the Gravity Fields Festival, the home place of Isaac Newton (Woolsthorpe Manor). Andrei showed how calculus is used to explain beautiful and enigmatic patterns in one of newest fields of physics – nano-physics. Newton is…

Publication on phase behavior of diblock copolymers after the inclusion of colloids

A paper has been accepted and published regarding the effect that nanoparticles have on the morphology of a diblock copolymer system. The paper appears in the journal Advanced Theory and Simulations 2018 September issue and can be found here  . It is the result of a collaboration of Lincoln’s group members Andrei Zvelindovsky, Marco Pinna… Read More ›

CCP5 Annual General Meeting 2018

On 11 and 12 of September 2018 Andrei Zvelindovsky took part in CCP5 Annual General Meeting 2018 “Advances in Simulations and Theory of Soft Matter Systems. Facing the Challenges.” held in the University of Manchester, UK. Andrei delivered an invited talk “Block copolymers in confinements and under external fields”.  

Growing nanowires

A new paper published in Nature Chemistry  where molecular nanowires up to one micrometer long were grown on insulating materials using a novel radical polymerisation process. This addresses one of the key issues in molecular electronics  – how to produce wires to connect components. This was an interdisciplinary project involving some great teams of chemists,… Read More ›

Materials Chemistry Consortium conference comes to Lincoln.

The Materials Chemistry Consortium conference will be held at the University of Lincoln from 3-5 September. The Materials Chemistry Consortium is a EPSRC funded High End Computing network that administers a substantial fraction of the time available on the national supercomputer, ARCHER. Work presented will highlight the abilities of modern atomistic simulation methods to reveal… Read More ›

CECAM workshop on Nano-structured Soft Matter

From June 25th to June 27th 2018 the School of Mathematics and Physics hosted a CECAM workshop “Nano-structured soft matter: a synergy of approaches to amphiphilic and block copolymer systems” bringing together experts in two research fields of soft matter physics: block co-polymers and lipid amphiphilic systems. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate… Read More ›

Effect of electric field on migration of defects in oxides: Vacancies and interstitials in bulk MgO

New paper in PRB looking at effects of electric fields on defect migration in oxides. One place this is important is the gate oxides of transistors, especially modern devices with small dimensions. It is a nice collaboration with University College London and the technical university of Vienna.


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