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Bart Vorselaars visits the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology in Canada

Bart Vorselaars visits the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology of the University of Waterloo in Canada for a joint research project with Prof. Mark Matsen and Dr. Russell Spencer.

Structure and phase behaviour of surfactant-water mixtures

Status: 2005 –  active Support: UCLan Abstract The structure and phase behaviour of concentrated surfactant-water and polymer-water mixtures which form lyotropic liquid crystal mesophases are being studied. In particular, work is focused on intermediate phases (bilayers disrupted by water filled pores) with minimal curvature surfaces and the effects of molecular additives including oils, and anaesthetics…. Read More ›


Collective dynamics in active matter

Status: 2003 – 2007; 2011 – active Support: FOM (2003 – 2007), UCLan Abstract: Large systems of self-propelling particles (SPP) form a special class of so-called active matter. Examples of such systems found in nature are: flocks of birds, schools of fishes, ants, groups of bacteria, etc. One can often see how these animals develop… Read More ›


Modelling of block copolymer–nano-particle hybrid materials

Status: 2009 – active Support: EPSRC CASE, Chemistry Innovation KTN, Accelrys Ltd Abstract: In this project we are aiming to develop methods for computer-assisted design of advanced soft nanostructured materials. This is a very fast growing field with applications in what is now called soft nano-technology. Functionality of these materials very strongly depends on their… Read More ›

Multiscale hybrid modeling of biomembranes

Status: start 1 November 2010 – active Support: VolkswagenStiftung Abstract: Heterogeneous membranes play a crucial role for many cellular processes and in biorelated nanotechnology. This project builds upon existing methodology and aims at the development of a genuine multiscale method, which is capable of including prior knowledge and allows to study the structure and dynamics… Read More ›

Interfacing functional nanocomposites for non-volatile memory devices

Status: start 1 April 2010 – active Support: EU NanoSci-E+ Abstract: The continuous demand for device miniaturization poses technological and economic barriers that cannot be answered by current fabrication techniques. This proposal is aimed at the development of a simple technique for the fabrication of crossbar electrode arrays for non-volatile memory devices based on a… Read More ›

Gyroid under electric field

Block copolymers in confinements and under external fields

Status: active Support: EPSRC CASE (2005-2009), Royal Society (2006, 2007, 2008), HPC-Europa (2007, 2008, 2009), Royal Society of Chemistry (2009, 2010), Nuffield Foundation (2010), UCLan Abstract: Block copolymers (BCP) are long chain molecules consisting of several chemically different blocks. Due to the chemical nature of the bond between blocks they do not macrophase, but form… Read More ›


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