Interfacing functional nanocomposites for non-volatile memory devices

Status: start 1 April 2010 – active

Support: EU NanoSci-E+


The continuous demand for device miniaturization poses technological and economic barriers that cannot be answered by current fabrication techniques. This proposal is aimed at the development of a simple technique for the fabrication of crossbar electrode arrays for non-volatile memory devices based on a modulated block copolymer/nanoparticle (BCP/NP) assembly approach, where the ability to control the interfacial interactions between the NPs and the BCP domains under an electric field is crucial for obtaining the desired structure. Through a tight collaboration between experimental chemists, theoreticians, and an electrical engineer we intend to unravel the fundamental behavior of BCP/NP assembly under the influence of a directing electric field, and then to utilize the structures formed for the creation of an ultrahigh-density, multi-component memory device.

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