Bart Vorselaars

Senior Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK

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Phil Sutton

Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Lincoln. My research interests include the computer modelling of planetary rings. This includes the very dynamic F ring at the edge of Saturn's rings which interacts with nearby moons on very short time scales. The investigation of planetary rings can help us understand more about planet and moon formation. An potentially interesting case comes in the form of circumbinary exoplanets we have recently discovered like Kepler-16b. These large gas giants are capable of harboring Earth sized moons around them. Yet how might they form? Looking at planetary ring stability around such exotic exoplanets might help us understand more.

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Marco Pinna

Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln, UK

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Martin Greenall

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Matt Watkins

Chemical Physicist based at the University of Lincoln, UK.

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Manuela Mura

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Javier Diaz

Javier Díaz is a Phd student. Javier Díaz was born in Seville, Spain, in 1992. He studied a bachelor degree in Physics focused on Atomic, Nuclear and Particle physics at the Universidad de Sevilla. The final project, named 'Hydrodynamic equations: deduction and applications' was supervised by Dr Álvaro Domínguez and covered hydrodynamic interactions.

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Fabien Paillusson

I am a theoretical and computational physicist. I am a senior lecturer in the School of Maths and Physics at the University of Lincoln. My interests lie in the modelling of complex matter, ranging from biological systems to powders, and in the foundations of physics.

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MSc applied mathematics by research student at the University of Lincoln, UK

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Christopher Dickens

MPhil/PhD Nanomaterials Science Student, University of Lincoln

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Andrei Zvelindovsky

Founding Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics and Professor of Computational & Theoretical Physics, University of Lincoln, UK

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