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New book explores nano-world future

Read  UCLan news item on Manuela’s book: UCLan physicist shares intriguing research findings through ground-breaking publication A physicist from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) undertaking world-leading research into the future uses of nanotechnology has just published her first book. Self-Assembly of Flat Organic Molecules on Metal Surfaces (published by Springer) has been written by UCLan’s… Read More ›

Free ebook of our group for iPad

Today our brochure publisher, Blurb, released the constraint on the minimum price for our brochure in ebook format. We are very pleased that everybody can now download our brochure as ebook for the iPad® absolutely FREE of charge. A printed souvenir edition is also available in both hard- and softcover.

Our brochure

Glossy, souvenir-type, brochure of our group is now available as print book in either hardcover or softcover and as a FREE ebook for the iPad. It describes the Computational Physics Group at the University of Central Lancashire in the period 2004-2011, and consists of 54 pages with colour photos and images printed on thick Premium Lustre Finish… Read More ›

Springer Thesis Prize for Manuela

Manuela Mura receives Springer Thesis Prize for her work “Theoretical Characterisation of STM Images of Assemblies of Flat Organic Molecules on Metal Surfaces” under supervision of Prof Lev Kantorovich at King’s College London. Her thesis will be published in the series “Springer Theses” which brings together a selection of the very best PhD theses from… Read More ›

PhD thesis published by VDM

Marco Pinna’s PhD thesis (he got his degree in November 2009) has been now published as a book by German publishing house

Books and chapters before 2010

Zvelindovsky A. V., Sevink G. J. A. “Block copolymers under an electric field: a dynamic density functional approach” Chapter 9 in: Polymers, liquids and colloids in electric fields, eds. Y. Tsori, U. Steiner (World Scientific, 2009) 245-277. Guo X. H., Pinna M., Zvelindovsky A. V. “Parallel algorithm for Cell Dynamics Simulation of Soft Nano-Structures Matter” … Read More ›

Nano soft matter monograph is published !

The first of its kind, the monograph provides an interdisciplinary overview of a new and broad class of materialsunder the unifying name Nanostructured Soft Matter. It covers materials ranging from short amphiphilic molecules to block copolymers, proteins, colloids and their composites, microemulsions and bio-inspired systems such as vesicles. The book considers several fundamental questions, including:… Read More ›


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