Books and chapters before 2010

  • Zvelindovsky A. V., Sevink G. J. A. “Block copolymers under an electric field: a dynamic density functional approach” Chapter 9 in: Polymers, liquids and colloids in electric fields, eds. Y. Tsori, U. Steiner (World Scientific, 2009) 245-277.
  • Guo X. H., Pinna M., Zvelindovsky A. V. “Parallel algorithm for Cell Dynamics Simulation of Soft Nano-Structures Matter”  Chapter 22 in: Parallel scientific computing and optimization: Advances and Application. Springer series in Optimization and its Applications. 27  (2009) 253-262.
  • Nanostructured Soft Matter: Experiment, Theory, Simulation and Perspectives, ed. A.V. Zvelindovsky (Springer, Dordrecht, 2007).
  • Zvelindovsky A.V., Sevink G.J.A., Fraaije J.G.E.M. “Dynamic mean-field DFT approach for morphology development” Chapter 18 in: Simulation Methods for Polymers, eds. M.J. Kotelyanskii and D.N. Theodorou (Marcel Dekker, 2004) 575-598.
  • Fraaije J.G.E.M., Sevink G.J.A., Zvelindovsky A.V. “Dynamical microphase modeling with Mesodyn” Chapter 7 in: Developments in Block Copolymer Science and Technology, ed. I.W. Hamley (John Wiley & Sons, 2004) 245-264.
  • Sevink G.J.A., Zvelindovsky A.V., Fraaije J.G.E.M. “Dynamics of phase separation in polymeric systems” Chapter 16 in: Mesoscale Phenomena in Fluid Systems, ACS Symposium Series No. 861, eds. F. Case and P. Alexandridis (ACS, 2003) 258-278.
  • Zvelindovsky A.V. Thermal fluctuations of disperse systems, PhD Thesis [in Russian] (Odessa State University, 1992) 130pp.
  • Zvelindovsky A.V. Hydrodynamic fluctuations in confined volumes, MSc Thesis [in Russian] (Odessa State University, 1989).

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