Past seminars Feb.2009 – Feb.2010

  • 26/02/10: Many-core effects: Scientific Software evolution in a changing environment, Dr Alessio Comisso, (King’s College, London), 3pm, Le110
  • 12/02/10: Effects of on-path buffering on TCP Fairness, Dr Martin Bateman (UCLAN), 3pm, Le110
  • 12/02/10: Parallel Data Processing and Networking, Dr Firat Tekiner (UCLAN), 3pm, Le110
  • 05/02/10: Solutions in the Snow (IoP Winter School reviewed), Ludwig Schreier (UCLAN)
  • 22/01/10: Effects of anaesthetics on biological membrane, Prof Mike Holmes (UCLAN)
  • 04/12/09: Understanding random forests for the prediction of glycosylation, Dr Stephen Hamby (UCLAN)
  • 27/11/09: Studies on viral fusion peptides using molecular dynamics, Dr Alan Taylor (UCLAN)
  • 20/11/09: Static and dynamic properties from equilibrium and non-equilibrium simulations, Dr Paola Carbone (U Manchester)
  • 06/11/09: The role of dispersion interactions on self-assembly of flat molecules on metallic surfaces, Manuela Mura (King’s College, London)
  • 30/10/09: DNA sequence complexity and its application, Dr Nadia Chuzhanova (UCLAN)
  • 14/10/09: The latest news from Silicon Valley: NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2009, Ludwig Schreier (UCLAN)
  • 18/09/09: Mesoscopic analysis of dewetting, Dr Josep Bonet Avalos (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain)
  • 18/09/09: Computer simulation of block copolymer systems, Marco Pinna (UCLAN)
  • 27/03/09: Designing decentralized control of modular robots, Prof Toshihiro Kawakatsu (U Tohoku, Japan)
  • 09/03/09: Cell Dynamics – Integrating a new mesoscale code with MaterialsScript, Ludwig Schreier (UCLAN)
  • 07/02/09: Realistic hybrid modelling of biomemetic vesicle dynamics, Dr G J Agur Sevink (U Leiden, NL)

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