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Welcome back to our refurbished blog !

Andrei in his officeWelcome to our blog, which undergone a major reconstruction.

I wrote my first www-page in 1997 in Groningen, a simple roll down page with links to other pages. No graphical editor, just HTLM code in a simple  text editor. When I moved to Leiden in 2000 I needed to transfer the page there, so it was inactive for some time.  That move also destroyed links on www. Some of these links can still be found on www after so many years. In 2004 I moved to UK and created absolutely new page with multiple frames and menus using MS Word FrontPage. In 2007 that code came into a conflict with the new university www-page software, and the page was again inactive and needed a special treatment to avoid conflicting with that soft. So we came to the idea, that the best way is to host your page on www self, and not to rely on the local hard and soft ware. In March 2009 our first blog was born. That was using green coloured WordPress theme Connections and consisted mostly of static pages with no comments allowed. So, that was not a ‘real’ blog. In September 2010 we completely redone our blog using the theme Structure. That refurbishment created a dynamic multi-purpose blog, which attracted many visitors. In May 2011 we  moved to a newly introduced theme The Morning After to offer a magazine style blog. That blog featured in December 2011 issue of Soft Matter World. In January 2012 we moved to a new theme Nuntius, which creates a news-style blog, and in May 2012 we moved to our first premium theme Mimbo Pro, which is a compact and colourful  magazine-style theme. I hope you will continue to enjoy our blog. And please, comment ! 🙂


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