Student-judge for undergraduate internship posters

Christine Stokes, our student member, tells about her experience as a poster session judge for UCLan Undergraduate Internship exhibition: “As the chair of the UK’s first student led Undergraduate research society I was requested by the UCLan’s Centre for Research Informed Teaching to be on the judging panel. This involved initially having a meeting on the 1st October where we looked at different posters and selected the top 10. My opinion was valued and I even persuaded another member of the panel to change his opinion. On the day of the actual event the 6th October, I went round and spoke to people about their work and asked questions and fed this back to the panel. Also I presented a poster for the society and was interviewed by the press and was also asked to be on the university journal editorial program. Not only was I a judge for the event but my close friend also a student from mt School won a prize. We have both been included in a UCLan’s news which can be read by clicking “Research-Informed Teaching initiative gathers momentum.

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