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Dr Manuela Mura

Manuela Mura

Dr Manuela Mura
Senior Lecturer

Laurea (2004) Cagliari,

PhD (2010) King’s College London

Tel.: +44 (0)1522 83 5866

Dr Manuela Mura is originally from Villanovafranca, Sardinia, Italy. She attended the University of  Cagliari and graduated in Physics in 2004. She wrote a laurea thesis on “A theoretical study of’ artificial photosynthetic system” under the supervision of Dr Paolo Ruggerone.

In 2010 Manuela received a doctorate from the King’s College London, where she wrote a PhD thesis on “Theoretical characterization of STM images of assemblies of flat organic molecules on metal surfaces” under the supervision of Prof Lev Kantorovitch. The work included collaboration with experimentalists from the universities of Nottingham, Oxford, Aarus in Denmark and CAE Saclay in France.

Manuela is an expert in a variety of computer simulation techniques in Condensed Matter Physics.

On 1st of November 2010 she joined our group as a postdoc on a VolkswagenStiftung international collaborative project “Multiscale hybrid modeling of biomembranes” between the universities of Mainz, Leiden, Aachen and UCLan.

Living in UK, Manuela keeps involvement in a life of her home town in Italy as an active member of local election commission.

Research ID: A-9005-2015

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