Roberta Dessì attends “Macromolecular Systems in Soft and Living Matter”

winter school 2011On February 14-25, 2011 Roberta attended  spring school “Macromolecular Systems in Soft and Living Matter” held at the Jülich Research Centre in Germany.

One of recent highlights of the Jülich Research Centre is 2007 Nobel Prize to the physicist Peter Grünberg for the discovery of giant magnetoresistence.

The goals of the spring school were:

  • to give an introduction and an overview of current research topics of macromolecular systems in soft matter and cellular biology.
  • to create links between Physics, Chemistry and  Biology.

The programme of  the two-week course includes about 55 hours of lectures in the following topics:

  • Techniques and Methods in Soft Matter.
  • Structure and Dynamics of Macromolecules.
  • Self-assembly and Aggregation.

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