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  1. Manuela and Marco!

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy!

    We are wishing little Alessio and you a wonderful new world of happiness.

    Enjoy and cherish your little one.

    Sasha & Oksana

  2. Excellent news => Marco, all you now have to do is to teach him on how to mark first year physics Lab logbooks by Septmember =>plenty of time!!

    Enjoy your new baby as much as you can.


  3. Ciao Marco and Manuela,

    Many congratulations on the baby boy!

    Not long ago, looking at Manuela’s tummy I thought that Marco was going to be a daddy soon – just not sure when – so happy daddy Marco now!!! 🙂

    Dung’s family

  4. Congratulations!! I wish you all the best. In a few years you will take a bus, drive 100 km to spend the evening watching a basketball game (likely to loose) as I am going to do right now!

    All the best


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