The first British Conference of Undergraduate Research in Preston !

On the 19th and 20th of April 2011, the University of Central Lancashire hosted the first British Conference of Undergraduate Research. The conference was organised by the Center for Research Informed Teaching and the Undergraduate Research Society (URS) at the University of Central Lancashire. Around 150 Undergraduates from different disciplines and universities across the UK presented their work. The event consisted of paper sessions where students presented oral presentations and poster sessions during the lunchtime period. There were also two keynote speakers and an ending debate and prize awards. I was fortunate to be both involved in the organisation (being the chair of URS) and as a student presenting two projects. The two projects were presented in the form of oral presentations. The titles were, “Collective Behaviour of Self-Propelling Particles in the Presence of Predators” and “Computer Modelling of Soft Nanostructures.” In addition to presenting I also chaired sessions and helped with directing students who did not study at this university. The conference as a whole allowed me the opportunity to talk to people across different disciplines and universities. I was able to see research conducted in different disciplines and found that students from other disciplines found the work I have conducted as an undergraduate to be very interesting although difficult to understand in places. Having been given the opportunity to be involved in the conference both in the organisation and as a presenter has been a very valuable and unforgettable experience.

There are also www links to stories written about the BCUR by UCLan and LEP.

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