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“A very British penchant for modesty…”

From VDM Publishing News:

Award for best PhD thesis goes to VDM author

Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky of the University of Central Lancashire, Preston (UK) just let us know that one of his students and one of our very own VDM authors’ Dr. Marco Pinna received the Institute of Physics 2009 prize for the best PhD thesis in computational physics in the fall of 2010. Pinna’s dissertation “Mesoscale modelling of block copolymer systems: A computational study” was published in book form by VDM in August 2010. The prestigious IOP competition attracts brilliant students from all over the UK and Ireland. The fact that we, Dr. Marco Pinna’s publishers, received word of the award so late can only be explained by a very British penchant for modesty…”

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