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IoP computational prize history

The Institute of Physics has put up now the full list of previous recipients of the Computational Physics annual thesis prize, which is rather impressive:

Cambridge – 3
Durham – 2
Southampton – 2
York – 2
Cardiff – 1
Central Lancashire – 1
Imperial – 1
Oxford – 1
Swansea – 1

Previous recipients
2010 Frank Siegert
Durham University
2009 Marco Pinna
University of Central Lancashire
2008 Vanessa de Souza
Cambridge University
2007 No prize awarded
2006 Vera Hazelwood
Southampton University
2005 Joint 1st Zhongfu Zhou
Oxford UniversityAlex Robinson
Imperial College London
2004 Joint 1st Neil Drummond
Cambridge UniversityNick Parker
Durham University
2nd Arash Mostofi
Cambridge University
2003 No prize awarded
2002 1st David Walters
University of Wales, Swansea
2nd Hans Fanghor
Southampton University
Joint 3rd Patrick Rinke
University of YorkEmiliano Spezi
University of Wales, Cardiff
2001 Paula Sanchez-Friera
University of York

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