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UCLan reports on our December news:

Double celebration for UCLan’s Computational Physics

Group’s research is commended

UCLan’s Computational Physics Group research has been recognised on an international level by physics experts.

Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky who heads up the group, co-organised a symposium and chaired another at the annual Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (CMMP11) Conference of the Institute of Physics along with Dr Paola Carbone from the University of Manchester.

CMMP11 venue – Lancashire County Cricket Club

The symposium on “Computer simulation in soft matter” crossed national boundaries with invited speakers and participants from UK, Europe and India. The talks attracted the attention of not only academia, but also large industry businesses such as Unilever.

Professor Zvelindovsky commented: “Condensed Matter is basically all what we meet in everyday life such as gases, liquids, solids, various materials, and even food and biological objects. Therefore, Condensed Matter Physics is the largest branch of the modern physics. UCLan’s involvement in organising this conference reflects our growing reputation in computational physics research.”

UCLan’s Computational Physics Group has also been acknowledged across the Atlantic by leading US physics newsletter Soft Matter World, which is run by top US research institution the University of California, Merced and supported by the National Science Foundation.

Soft Matter World web

Professor Zvelindovsky and his team; Roberta Dessi, Doctors Manuela Mura, Dung Ly and Marco Pinna were praised in the December issue of the newsletter.

Soft Matter Word wrote: “The group’s website provides a plethora of easily accessible information including galleries of photos and simulations, group events and a running group blog. A strong online presence and specialised expertise enables numerous collaborative projects throughout Europe and China.”

Professor Zvelindovsky said: “we are extremely pleased to be featured in Soft Matter World alongside world-top universities and research centres.  It reflects the strength of our research and our engagement with community and the public via a high level of our group’s website.”

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