Bin Qi (Ben)

Bin Qi (Ben), BSc project student (3rd yr) in 2011/2012 academic year

Hi! I am Bin Qi (Ben), a Chinese student studying applied physics at UCLan. I like music very much and I am a fun of Kirk Whalum and Dave Koz. As far as I am concerned, numbers are something beautiful like music. I study physics because I think this major is an instrument, like a musical one, which can be used to play numbers as loops.

In the daily life, I like hiking and gym. My best score of Bench press is 160Kg. I am a member of Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre; welcome everyone to join in. Now I feel so blessed because I have a very lovely girlfriend studying business in Liverpool University and we are going to get married in this summer.

Additionally, the information below is about my 3rd year project I am doing this year.

The aim of my project which belongs to Computational Physics is to study how to manipulate the structure of soft nanomaterials. Many things, like colloids, foams, polymers and liquids are different sorts of soft matter. This project will focus on one type of soft matter, block copolymers.

The main work is separated into two parts. One is to learn the fundamental physical properties of  block copolymers. In this part, to get more knowledge about different kinds of phase transition of block copolymer under extra field is critical important. What I am researching now is about transitions from spherical phase into cylindrical phase. These transitions often occur when block copolymer melt is under external field. In this project, shear flow and electric field are the two kinds of external fields applied to the block copolymers. The transitions under these two fields are different and also depend on temperature of the systems. In this project, I will try to know more about the transitions under these two kinds of external fields and use the Minkowski functionals to describe the transitions.

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