Proof of the Second Law of Thermodynamics ?

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AZ [Andrei Zvelindovsky]: Our first interview is with Professor Dick Bedeaux, Member of the Royal Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters, a world-authority on Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics.

AZ: Was there anything in your school years, which directed you to become a physicist?
DB: It was interesting and I was good at it.

AZ: Why did you choose Theoretical Physics at University?
DB: It is most profound and challenging.

AZ: Was it difficult for you to study at the University?
DB: No

AZ: I remember, you told that as a student you wanted to study even more, can you tell a bit more about this?
DB: There was so much material not treated and too little mathematics.

AZ: As a PhD student you needed to do all the work by yourself, right? What is important for someone who wants to do a PhD?  What kind of PhD students do you like yourself?

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