Centre for Molecular and Soft Matter Modelling


Shenzhen Virtual University Park (SZVUP) in China, a strategic & innovative move by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen intended for vigorous development of High & New Tech Industry, is located in the south section of Shenzhen High and New Technology Industry Development Zone. The Virtual University Park was founded on Sep 10, 1999 with the Joint-Congress as its decision-making mechanism and the municipal mayor as its president with members coverage from university-level heads to functional bureau leaders in the city government. There are 48 Park-entered organizations and 18 network members in the Virtual University Park, which includes the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). In November 2011 UCLan has opened a Centre for Molecular and Soft Matter Modelling (CMSMM)  on the premises of Shenzhen Virtual University Park. This project is led by UCLan’s Dr Marco Pinna, Senior Reserach Fellow. The Centre’s goal is to establish a collaborative network between UCLan and top researchers in China and to create a world leading centre for molecular modelling of bio-inspired nano-structured soft materials, molecular biophysical and bio-medical systems.

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