Preston on fire !

Tonight at 8pm Preston was set on fire ! 🙂 The weather was warm, the rain forgot about Preston today. The final procession of the Guild 2012 was the torchlight procession. Although there was indeed lots of fire and some torches, but really great and funny lights came from the Physics – LEDs. This procession was a wild mixture of everything: from an old steam tractor, a giant armchair and viking boat till dancing bands of national English dance, school kids, scouts, 4 (!) giant Her Majesties one after another and nurses of a maternity unit dressed as babies. And of course, led by the dancing Pro Vice-Chancellor of Student Experience, green men and women of UCLan were pulling the same huge white globe as on the trades procession only now the globe was brightly lit. And this time green people were dancing under the sounds of own band. It looked that the whole population of the city was in the centre. For once, Preston was really crowded, and not just on 2 main shopping streets, but in the whole triangle from the Harris museum till the train station and till the university. It looked a bit like Amsterdam, a bit like Rotterdam and even a bit like Nice. Once in 20 years … 🙂 At 22:30 the procession was over, and people started very fast leaving the city: by 23:00 their walking crowd already reached the sleeping town of Penwortham. Goodbye the Guild ! The next one is in 20 years.

Categories: Fun, Group life

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