Good Friendship Seminar in Sendai


10 June (Mon.) 15:30-17:00
Room: 821, Complex B Building (Rigaku Goudou B tou)
Speaker: Prof. Andrei V. Zvelindovsky
(Univ. Central Lancashire)
Title: Block copolymers under external fields

“Nakayoshi” means “good friendship. That is the name of the seminar, which combines several research groups in Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, around Soft Matter. Andrei visits Professor Toshihiro Kawakatsu in Sendai on JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Invitation Fellowship trip.

After the Seminar, next to Toshihiro's office

After the Seminar, next to Toshihiro’s office

Next to Sendai there is a beautiful village of Matsushima. The 2011 earthquake epicenter was juts outside of its shores. Hundreds of small islands dispersed energy of the tsunami wave and saved the village with only a relatively small damage. The water was on the human height (European) level.

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