Maria Serral

31959_387304141133_8069234_nMaria Serral PhD student in Chemical Engineering.

Maria is from Tarragona, Spain. She studied Chemical Enginering in University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, she was in Technische Universtität Berlin during the last year of her studies. In 2010 she graduate wiht honours. Then, she got the Master in Chemical Engineering and Processes (2011) in University Rovira i Virgili and she wrote the Master Thesis on Modeling the viscoelastic response of polymeric films under the supervision of Dr. Josep Bonet-Avalos.

In 2011 she started the PhD studies on dynamics of solid state semicrystalline polymers in the Molecular Simulation Group in the same university. From September 2013 and during 3 month Maria is participating in a project on block copolymers in our research team in UCLan (Preston, UK).

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