Fiona Bissett

FionaI am originally from Edinburgh and studied for an MPhys in Computational Physics at Heriot-Watt University, graduating in 2001. Having spent many years since then raising my family and travelling with my husband I was excited to learn of the Back to Science Fellowship being offered at the University of Lincoln near where we live. This is a brand new fellowship which will be offered to two candidates each year – the idea being to allow people (men or women) who have had a long career break to return to scientific research. What made it even more exciting was the fact that there was a brand new School of Mathematics and Physics at Lincoln! Then I discover that the new school was founded by a group of Computational Physicists – a lovely coincidence! The cherry on the cake is the commitment of the fellowship to offer flexible working and so I can work part-time while my children are at school. I was delighted to be offered one of the places and started in January.

To start with I am remembering all the physics that has become somewhat rusty over the last 14 years and learning the tools I will need to carry out my research project. I will be working primarily with Manuela on the self-assembly of carbon-based molecules on surfaces. I’m really looking forward to the next two years and am thoroughly enjoying being back in the wonderful world of physics!

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