Dr Matt Watkins

mattDr Matt Watkins is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in College of Science.

Matt obtained his PhD on “transition metal defects in diamond” working in the solid state physics department at King’s College London with Alison Mainwood.  After brief sojourns modelling future water usage for a local water company and working to understand the mechanisms of ozonolysis of organic compounds in the lower atmosphere, Matt moved to the newly formed London Centre for Nanotechnology. There he worked extensively with Alex Shluger on understanding how to interpret data from new scanning probe methods, capable of “seeing” and moving individual atoms and molecules on any surface.

In 2007 Matt took an opportunity to work on a EPSRC funded software development project to enhance the parallelization of the atomistic simulation code CP2K and apply it to better understanding the properties of water-ice surfaces. After this, Matt’s focus is on developing tools and protocols to model interfaces of electrolytes and solids, applied to areas like microelectronics and electrochemistry. In April 2015 he joined the new school of Mathematics and Physics at Lincoln.

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