Materials Chemistry Consortium

Matt Watkins joined and gave an introductory overview of his research at a meeting of the Materials Chemistry Consortium (MCC). MCC has played a major role in UK computational science and, since its foundation in 1994, has exploited the latest developments in HPC technologies, in a wide ranging programme of development, optimisation and applications studies aimed at modelling and predicting the structures, properties and reactivities of functional materials, including catalysts, ceramics, minerals and molecular materials.

High Performance Computing Materials Chemistry Consortium (MCC) embraces various institutions in the UK, including – : University College London,Imperial College London, University of Bath, University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University,King’s College London, The University of Sheffield, Trinity College Dublin, University of York and now University of Lincoln. MCC is chaired by Prof Richard Catlow and makes significant usage of the ARCHER national supercomputer.

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