Informal seminar by Roy Shenhar: Block copolymer-mediated nanoscale assembly


During his stay Prof. dr. Roy Shenhar from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will give another but more informal seminar on Tuesday the 26th of January 2016, 10 am (room JBL0W03 in the Joseph Banks Laboratories building, building 22 on the uni map). The title and abstract are

Block copolymer-mediated nanoscale assembly

Block copolymers – polymers consisting of sequences of incompatible repeat units – self-organize into a variety of nanoscale morphologies with controlled periodicities through phrase separation. The ability to further modify the units of specific blocks opens up various opportunities for using these polymers as templates for the creation of hierarchically-ordered materials.

The presentation will discuss recent progress in the creation of hierarchically structured nano-reactors for the synthesis of shape-controlled nanoparticle aggregates, and describe a modular approach for the construction of nano-patterned polyelectrolyte multilayers.


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