Soft Matter Seminar: Dr Takashi Honda

Dr Takashi Honda (ZEON, Japan)

Tuesday 7 June 2014, 9:30 am

BL0102 (David Chiddlick bld)

Large scale simulation of a thermoplastic elastomer with SCFT and coarse‐grained MD


An actual thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) was simulated with SCFT and coarse‐grained MD. The TPE is a polymer blend of triblock copolymer SIS (Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene) and SIS’ where the block length N_S < N_S’and the morphology of the TPE is influenced by both micro and macro phase separations. The calculated morphology with static SCFT was matched well to the 3D TEM images of the TPE. The beads-spring model of the TPE was generated from the calculated morphology with node density biased Monte Carlo method and elongation simulations of MD were invoked. Typical structure changes were observed with the MD calculations.LargeScaleSISInLincoln_Page_03

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