2018 APS March Meeting in Los Angeles

From 5th till 9th of March 2018 Andrei Zvelindovsky and Javier Díaz attended the APS March Meeting in Los Angeles, California, USA.  On the Wednesday Poster Session Javier presented Mesoscopic Simulations of Nanoparticle/Block Copolymer Systems, while on Friday an oral presentation was given on the Polymer Nanocomposite session.

Huge numbers of physicist from everywhere in the world attented this conference which focused on condensed matter physics which gave the oportunity to listen to various talks regarding colloids, polymers and active matter among many other topics in soft matter physics. The combination of experiments, theory and simulations was really exciting as one had to jump from session to session with totally different approaches.

There was also an interesting mixture of well-established researchers with younger posgraduate students who had a chance to present their work, such as was the case for Javier. Invited speakers such as Marcus Müller or An-Chang Shi delivered extremely interesting lengthy lectures on block copolymers, covering several topics.

The meeting was particularly interesting for Javier as it was his first time in the States and his first large-scale conference with an oral presentation. He found the experience thrilling and thanks the IOP Polymer Physics Group for the financial support.

The conference organisers have stated that this was the largest meeting so far (11,315 participants), which took place in the impressive Los Angeles Convention Center, in Downtown LA.











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