Publication in Soft Matter on Janus nanoparticles

A new paper has been published in Soft Matter on mixtures of Janus nanoparticles and block copolymer melts:

Soft Matter, 2019, 15, 6400-6410

This work explores the interesting new morphologies that emerge from the co-assembly of chemically complex, inhomogenous Janus nanoparticles and a block copolymer matrix. For instance, is is found that Janus nanoparticles can form bilayers at high concentrations. The inherent layered polymeric morphology templates the overall system into straight colloidal arrays.


This work is a collaboration with Universidad de Barcelona’s Prof. Ignacio Pagonabarraga. Author J. Diaz thanks BritishSpanish Society and Plastic Energy for funding support on his PhD final year.

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