Physics Seminar: Prof. Hadi Susanto

Date: Wednesday 30th of October 2019, 14:00.
Location: INB3305 (Isaac Newton Building, #14).

‘Pattern formation and homoclinic snaking’

by Hadi Susanto, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Essex, Essex, England.


Pattern formation is the developmental process of visible, orderly outcomes of self-organisation. Patterns can appear through homoclinic
snaking. ‘Snaking’ bifurcation, describing multiple localised solutions existing within a small region of parameter space, is widely observed in in numerous natural applications. In this talk, I will present some of our recent works on the snaking of localised patterns. Particularly I am going to consider three different equations: the Swift-Hohenberg equation and coupled discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equations with parity-time symmetric potential. The latter system is a classical analogue of the parity-time symmetric quantum physics.

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