“Rheology of Food” BSR’s Non-Newtonian Club Meeting

On Thursday 17th of September, 2020, Claire attended the British Society of Rheology’s Non Newtonian Club on “Rheology of Food”.

The Non-Newtonian Club is an informal rheology discussion group that provides one-day meetings with the aim of bringing together experienced and not-so-experienced rheologists from industry and academia. This year the meeting was hosted virtually on the Zoom platform by Daniel Read and Brent Murray from the University of Leeds.

The virtual format attracted 170 participants from across the globe. We enjoyed 6 interesting presentations throughout the day given by interntional speakers based in both academia and industy. Topics ranged from rheological modelling of food processing to interfacial mobility fo foams, consistency of condiments to micro-aeration in chocolate.

A photo of 98 different raw foods cut into perfect 2.5 cm cubes by Dutch artists Lernert.and Sander. The photograph highlights diverse heterogeneity across differnt foods.

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