Physical Aspects of Polymer Science Conference

The University of Lincoln hosted the 29th biennial meeting of the Institute of Physics Polymer Physics Group from 11–13 September 2019.  New results in polymer science were presented by researchers at all career stages from disciplines including physics, chemistry and applied mathematics. The conference featured a range of international speakers and included invited talks from scientists from the universities of Cambridge, Chicago, Freiburg and Nottingham.

A highlight was the presentation of the Founders’ Prize to Professor Masao Doi, a pioneer in theoretical polymer physics.  Several early-career researchers also had their work recognised at the conference, including Stephanie Burg from the University of Sheffield, who was awarded the Ian Macmillan Ward Prize for the best student paper, and Luca Pellegrino (Imperial), Mark Jenei (Cambridge) and Javier Diaz (Lincoln), who were the winner and runners-up respectively of the Alexei Likhtman Poster Prize. The American Physical Society – Institute of Physics exchange lecture, which gives an early-career US-based scientist the opportunity to present their work in the UK, was delivered by Muzhou Wang.

Professor Doi gives the Founders’ Prize lecture.

Javier Diaz of the University of Lincoln (right) receives a runner-up certificate for the Alexei Likhtman poster prize from Professor Nigel Clarke.

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