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Andrea Floris

Dr Andrea Floris is a Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Physics, College of Science, University of Lincoln (United Kingdom).
He is a computational condensed matter physicist with expertise in density functional theory (DFT), molecular self-assembly, computational superconductivity, vibrational properties, and nanostructured systems.
He obtained his Ph.D. in physics at the University of Cagliari (Italy) with a thesis focussed on the implementation and application of the DFT for Superconductors (SCDFT), a theory able to predict the critical temperature of conventional superconductors in the absence of empirical parameters.
In 2004 he moved to Freie Universität Berlin, where he worked several years in further developing and applying the SCDFT theory to many materials under different conditions of pressure and electron-phonon coupling.
In 2007-2013, he was also was visiting researcher at the University of Minnesota (USA), where he extended the DFT+U method to the density functional perturbation theory, to calculate phonons spectra of materials having a strong electronic correlation.
In 2010-2015, he worked first as Research Associate then as Visiting Lecturer at King´s College London, on the self-assembly of organic molecules on surfaces, which is his currently his main research field.
In 2015 he was Associate Researcher at CIC Energigune, Spain.
During many years of research activity, he established collaborations with theoretical and experimental groups in Europe, UK, USA and China. He also enjoyed doing experiences of mentoring and teaching, supervising Ph.D. and master students in Freie Universitaet Berlin, King’s College London and Wuhan University (China).

Increasing the Templating Effect on a Bulk Insulator Surface: From a Kinetically Trapped to a Thermodynamically More Stable Structure Chiara Paris, Andrea Floris, Simon Aeschlimann, Markus Kittelmann,Felix Kling, Ralf Bechstein, Angelika Kühnle, […]