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Fiona’s graduation

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

On 24th of January 2018 Fiona Bissett had her graduation ceremony in Lincoln Cathedral. Fiona is our second graduate in the history of the school, and the first Master by Research. Her Master of Science by Research thesis “Computational study of the self-assembly of hypoxanthine in the gas-phase and on the Au(111) surface” was written under the… Read More ›

Our school’s first Master by Research in Lincoln!

Today, Fiona Bissett successfully passed her viva (subject to minor corrections) for the degree of Master of Science by Research with the thesis “Computational study of the self-assembly of hypoxanthine in the gas-phase and on the Au(111) surface” written under the supervision of Dr Manuela Mura. Fiona is our first MSc by Research student in… Read More ›

Edward Delaval event 2016

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
By Lorna Davis Physics students at the University of Lincoln have been recognised at a prize giving event for their hard work and effort on the course. As the first cohort of Physics students at the University, staff thought an award ceremony at Doddington Hall would be a nice…

Our first PhD viva in Lincoln

Today Roberta Dessi passed her PhD viva with minor corrections. Congratulations to Roberta!

Thomas Blagden from Willaim Farr School

During 12-16 October 20-15 Thomas Blagden from William Farr C of E Comprehensive School spent school work experience placement in our Computational Physics research group working alongside Dr Marco Pinna on modelling of soft spherical nano-containers. Thomas used modern simulation programmes developed by our academics and analysed his results using Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) software…. Read More ›

Teaching physical concepts to biologists

On Monday 7th of September 2015 took place the workshop “Teaching the Physical Aspects of the Molecular Biosciences” at the initiative of the British Biophysical Society (BBS). The workshop was hosted by the University of Sheffield. The aim of the workshop was principally to assess what was missing in the current physics education of students… Read More ›

PhD positions

Several PhD positions are available in our group. Click here for more details.

IOP visit – David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson, the Institute of Physics (IOP) Regional Officer for the Midlands visited our new school today.  David is a Forensic Physicist by training and in his free time a writer. His science-fiction novel The Anjelican Saga was published in 2014.  

New physics department opens in the UK

Read IOP news story on our new affiliation.

My Life Experience at UCLan

Originally posted on Study Physics:
I was 17 years old when I first heard the word UCLan. I was told by an Astrophysicist, friend of my father, that British universities were quite good. Moreover, since the language of Science is nowadays English I said to myself “why not trying?”. The truth was that I had…

Marjan’s MSc viva

Today Marjan Famili passed fer MSc viva with minor corrections for the thesis entitled: “Biological membranes in presence of alcohol and anti-asthma drugs: a molecular dynamics study”, written under the supervision of  Dr Manuela Mura.

Multinational success: Adelchi graduates !

On Friday, 12th July 2013,  our MPhys student, Adelchi Asta graduates from UCLan ! Adelchi is from Franco-Italian family, he spent his earlier life in Rome and Paris, but decided to get a university physics degree in UK. And he did ! See the photo and also look on our Flickr. Adelchi conducted his  MPhys project… Read More ›

Mathematics talk in Pakistan on 8 March

On 8 March 2013 Andrei visited the Department of Mathematics at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Pakistan. He delivered 2 hours lecture for the undergraduate students and staff on mathematical aspects of Cell Dynamics Simulation of block copolymers, followed by the discussion.

New MSc and PhD direction – Computational Nanomedicine

We open a new exciting direction for MSc and PhD study in our group.

MolSim 2013: Understanding Molecular Simulation

On January 7-18, 2013 Roberta attended winter school MolSim 2013 “Understanding Molecular Simulation” held at the University of Amsterdam. The target of MolSim 2013 was to give an understanding in the field of molecular simulation, covering basic and advanced Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics techniques. These two-week course, organized by the Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modelling, consisted in… Read More ›

Methods in Molecular Simulation summer school 2012

Roberta is participating in Methods in Molecular Simulation summer school 2012, which is taking place at Cardiff University, July 22- July 31 2012. The purpose  is giving  a comprehensive introduction in molecular  simulation methodology. The course covers the basic elements of statistical mechanics and gives a thorough grounding in the methodologies and applications of Molecular… Read More ›

Why nano thinking will help you succeed in a big way?

Originally posted on Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine:
Have you set new years resolutions such as, I am going to lose 4 stones; run a marathon; become a millionaire? Have you achieved any of these goals? Almost everyone has grand new year resolutions and 90% of the time you set them knowing that you will give…


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