Teaching physical concepts to biologists


On Monday 7th of September 2015 took place the workshop “Teaching the Physical Aspects of the Molecular Biosciences” at the initiative of the British Biophysical Society (BBS). The workshop was hosted by the University of Sheffield. The aim of the workshop was principally to assess what was missing in the current physics education of students in biology and how to make physical concepts more accessible to an audience of biologists/biochemists. The topics discussed ranged from the importance (or not) of mathematics, priority (or not) of concepts over technical details, the role of order of magnitudes and estimation, the importance of units and (although it was never mentioned for the sake of common understanding) the role of dimensional analysis in biophysics.  From a more experimental side, the importance of curve fitting in data analysis and the difficult question of balancing content quality and quantity when teaching physics-based experimental techniques were also addressed in depth. Fabien was there to participate to these interesting discussions.

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