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Science bites – After hours night at the manor

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Originally posted on Study Physics:
On Wednesday 26th September Andrei Zvelindovsky gave a short talk titled “Newton’s mathematics revolution and modern physics” at the Gravity Fields Festival, the home place of Isaac Newton (Woolsthorpe Manor). Andrei showed how calculus is used to explain beautiful and enigmatic patterns in one of newest fields of physics – nano-physics. Newton is…

IOP Public lecture in Lancaster

On Wednesday June 13th 2018 Dr. Fabien Paillusson gave a public lecture entitled “Does Mr Entropy need Phoenix Wright?” at the university of Lancaster. The event was organised by the Lancashire and Cambria branch of the Institute of Physics (IOP). The lecture aimed at discussing two competing interpretations of entropy and sparked interesting and challenging… Read More ›

IOP talk in Nottingham

Originally posted on Theory of Complex Matter:
On 14 November 2017  Fabien Paillusson gave a public talk “Does Mr Entropy need Pheonix Wright?” at Nottingham Physics Centre, which is hosted by the University of Nottingham and is a part of the Institute of Physics East Midlands Branch. That was the 3rd run of the talk,…

IOP North East Branch Physics Public Lecture

‘Does Mr. Entropy need Phoenix Wright?’ Dr. Fabien Paillusson School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln Thursday, 15 June 2017 at 18.30 pm in Room A003, Ellison Building, University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne “I blame entropy”-New Yorker cartoon Entropy is one of the most fascinating concepts introduced in physics in the last two… Read More ›

Elements of a Physics for the 21st Century

Originally posted on IOP Lincoln Centre:
an IOP public lecture by Professor Werner Hofer Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Wednesday 8 February 2017 at 6.30 pm Stephen Langton Building (former EMMTEC) Lecture Theatre, Brayford Pool Campus, University of Lincoln Given the experimental precision in condensed matter physics — positions are measured with errors of…

Molecular Machines

Originally posted on Danilo Roccatano:
In my recent public talk at the Gravity Fields Festival 2016 I have shown different  models of molecular machines,  I have added some of them to this blog with the details on their construction. The models have been generated using small script in awk language and represented using the program VMD…

Enigma of Entropy

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
Today Fabien Paillusson gave a fantastic public lecture on mystery behind the most enigmatic concept of modern physics – entropy.

Physics Public Lecture

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
‘Does Mr. Entropy need Phoenix Wright?’ Dr. Fabien Paillusson School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln Wednesday 27th April 2016 at 3.30 pm in  ENG207 Lecture Theatre  Engineering Hub, Brayford Pool Campus, University of Lincoln “I blame entropy”-New Yorker cartoon Entropy is one of the most fascinating…

Public Lecture by Prof. Bruno D’Aguanno: Entering the Solar Century

As part of his visit, Prof.  Bruno D’ Aguanno from CIC Energigune, Parque Tecnológico, Miñano, Álava, Spain, will give a Public Lecture on Thursday the 7th of April, at 5.30 pm (room ENG207 in the Engineering Hub, building 13 on the university map). Everybody is welcome to join us in attending this interesting and accessible talk on renewable… Read More ›

Fascinating Nanoscience

Today Prof. Roy Shenhar from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem gave a very engaging public lecture of Nano-science.  

Exploring the Molecular Machines within: a Fantastic Voyage

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
Physics Christmas Lecture 2015 Dr Danilo Roccatano Lincoln School of Mathematics and Physics Wednesday 16th December 2015 at 3.30 pm EMMTEC Lecture Theatre, Brayford Pool Campus, University of Lincoln To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the…

Thomas Blagden from Willaim Farr School

During 12-16 October 20-15 Thomas Blagden from William Farr C of E Comprehensive School spent school work experience placement in our Computational Physics research group working alongside Dr Marco Pinna on modelling of soft spherical nano-containers. Thomas used modern simulation programmes developed by our academics and analysed his results using Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) software…. Read More ›

Fascinating foams: the mathematics of soap bubbles

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
Guest Public Lecture by Professor Simon Cox on March 2, 2015, from 5.30pm to 7pm, in the EMMTEC lecture theatre on the main Brayford Campus of the University of Lincoln ? Behind the apparent randomness of the foam on your bath, in your washing machine, or in your glass,…

Maths Christmas Lecture 2014

Today Andrei delivered Mathematics Christmas Lecture 2014 “Amazing flocking of birds: is it biology or mathematics?“ The talk examined how and why such occurrences – which can also include the movements of human crowds and groups of bacteria – take place. Researchers in the field say that this so-called active matter form movements which make… Read More ›

199 years to George Boole

Today, on the 199th birthday of George Boole, one of most notable mathematical minds, who was born in Lincoln and spent here more than a half of his life, Andrei attended an Annual General Meeting of Lincoln Boole Foundation.  

Andrei’s school talk at Cardinal Newman College

Andrei gave a talk “Nano-physics of soft matter”  for high school pupils at Cardinal Newman College, Preston.

Can a bird fly from Preston to Newcastle ?

To investigate that Andrei went on a train trip from Preston to Newcastle via Carlisle. Diving into the history of trains on a two-car diesel train from Carlisle  was balances by spectacular views from the window. Sunny Newcastle was greeting him with an impressive collection of bridges and architectural wonders of  both the past and… Read More ›


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