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Javier reports on his visit to Barcelona

Thanks to the Santander International Exchange Bursary I could spend 3 weeks in Barcelona under the supervision of Prof. Ignacio Pagonabarraga at the Universitat de Barcelona. My trip begun on the Monday 25th of January and ended on the 12th of February. During this time I was able to discuss with Prof. Pagonabarraga many interesting physical… Read More ›

Dr Andrea Floris and Dr Manuela Mura visited The University of Nottingham

Dr Andrea Floris and Dr Manuela Mura visited the School of Physics & Astronomy at The University of Nottingham. The visit was hosted by Prof Philip Moriarty. Dr Andrea Floris gave an invited seminar entitled “Surface functionalization and synthesis of self-assembled molecular nanostructures on metallic and insulating substrates”.

Leiden Physical Chemistry reünie

Andrei took part in the traditional Leiden Physical Chemistry ”reünie” meeting held at Leiden University, Holland.

UK-Japan symposium on Atomic and Molecular manipulation

UK-Japan symposium on Atomic and Molecular manipulation, 15-16 December 2015, Nottingham, UK A talk by Matt Watkins on 15 December 2015: “Rapid and quantitative measurements of 3D force maps and the reconstruction of water density distributions over fluorite surfaces”

Seminar by Bart Vorselaars in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

On the 30th of November 2015 Bart Vorselaars gave a seminar for the Theory of Polymers and Soft Condensed Matter Group in the Department of Applied Physics,  Eindhoven, University of Technology in the Netherlands. The seminar was on Crystal nucleation and thermodynamics of molecular systems: rare events sampling and free energy methods.

Seminar in Sheffield

Originally posted on Maths & Physics News:
On Wednesday 21 October, Martin gave a talk at Sheffield University with the title “Controlling aggregate size and domain formation in amphiphile self-assembly”.

ICON2 2015

On 11 September 2015 Manuela Mura gave an invited talk about “Theoretical characterisation of STM assembly of flat organic molecules on Au(111) surface” at the first edition of ICON2 “International conference on novel nanomaterials”.

Teaching physical concepts to biologists

On Monday 7th of September 2015 took place the workshop “Teaching the Physical Aspects of the Molecular Biosciences” at the initiative of the British Biophysical Society (BBS). The workshop was hosted by the University of Sheffield. The aim of the workshop was principally to assess what was missing in the current physics education of students… Read More ›

The future of multi-scale soft matter modeling

International Lorentz workshop “The future of multi-scale soft matter modeling” took place on 31.08-4.09.2015 in Leiden, Holland. Around 25 scientists, including PhD students, took part in intensive program comprising  of lectures, poster and oral presentations and extensive Q&A and discussion sessions. The discussed simulation methods ranged from quantum and full atomistic molecular dynamics to various… Read More ›

International workshop in Holland

Fabien presents poster “Curvature induced phase separation in cubic phases” at Lorentz workshop “The future of multi-scale soft matter modeling”, 31.08-4.09.2015, Leiden, Holland.    

Visit to Western Australia

Matt Watkins visited the groups of Andrew Rohl, Julian Gale and Paulo Rateiri at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia as part of the Australian Research council funded project “Imaging defects at atomic resolution via state-of-the-art atomic force microscopy and petascale simulations”. The aim of the project is to be able to identify, with atomic precision, surfaces in… Read More ›

Molecular Simulation Summer School

Javier Díaz attended the 2015 Summer School ‘Methods in Molecular Simulations’, organized by CCP5, which took place in Manchester between 12 and 21 of July 2015. The course was structure in such a way that during the first half of the day theoretical lectures were taught. These included a review on Statistical Mechanics, Monte Carlo and Molecular… Read More ›

PhD defence in Odessa

On 23 December 2014 Andrei was one of two ‘official opponents’ at a public PhD thesis defense ‘Kinetics of order-disorder transition in systems of self-propelling particles’ by Oleksandr O. Chepizhko, which took place at Odessa National University, Ukraine. After extensive deliberations a 13-members strong Specialized Scientific Council unanimously voted in favour to offer Oleksandr a… Read More ›

Reception at the Embassy of Ireland

Andrei attends a reception at the Embassy of Ireland to celebrate The Bicentenary of the birth of George Boole.

International symposium on computational condensed matter – a success

On 7-9 September 2014 our group organized an International Symposium and Workshop “Computational condensed matter: advances and challenges“. The event took place in the sea-coast town of Whitehaven in western part of the Lake District National Park in UK. The event marked 10 years of our group. Coincidentally, it was the first scientific event  organized by… Read More ›

Roberta receives Springer Poster Prize

Roberta Dessi receives Springer Poster Prize at CompMat2014.

Block copolymer talk at ACS meeting in Dallas

Today Andrei gave an invited talk “Block copolymers in confinements and under external fields: Computer simulation” at the symposium Structure for Function: Rational Design of New Functional Polymeric Materials organized by Chinedum Osuji and Roy Shenhar as a part of 247th ACS National Meeting and Exposition (March 16-20, 2014, Dallas, Texas, USA). The overall meeting’s motto was: “Chemistry… Read More ›


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