Pre-blog visitors

17.01.2007: Dr Agur Sevink (Holland) visits

6.12.2006: Prof Toshihiro Kawakatsu and Mr Takashi Honda (Japan) visit

10.10.2006: Tom Spicer, publisher, visits

16.12.2005: Prof Toshihiro Kawakatsu (Japan) visits

14.11.2005: Dr Marc Hamm (Henkel, Germany) visits

2.11.2005: Dr Agur Sevink (Holland) visits

11.10.2005: Dr Alex Böker (Germany) visits

15.07.2005: Prof Dick Bedeaux (Holland) and Prof Signe Kjelstrup (Norway) visit

21.06.2005: Dr Agur Sevink (Holland) visits

20.10.2004: Dr Agur Sevink (Holland) visits

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