Andrei’s talks 2005-2006

7.12.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s IOP (Lancashire & Cumbria brunch) lecture

15.11.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s Phys.Colloquium  in the Technical University of Chemnitz

14.11.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s Theor.Phys. seminar in the University of Göttingen

13.09.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s talk at ACS Annual Meeting in San Francisco

27.07.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s seminar in the University of Wales, Aberystwyth

6.04.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s invited talk at International workshop MESOSIM, Jülich

28.02.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s invited talk at joint European Physical Society 21st General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division and Annual Meeting of German Physical Society, Dresden

1.02.2006: A. Zvelindovsky’s Chem. Eng. seminar in the University of Manchester

26.10.2005: A. Zvelindovsky’s UCLan public lecture

28.09.2005: A. Zvelindovsky’s seminar in Odessa University

20.09.2005: A. Zvelindovsky’s plenary talk at Bayreuth Polymer Symposium 2005

12.09.2005: A. Zvelindovsky’s talk at IOP Polymer Group Biennial in Leeds

03.02.2005: A. Zvelindovsky’s seminar in Sheffield University

21.01.2005: A. Zvelindovsky’s seminar in Reading University

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