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Public lecture by Dr Andrei Zvelindovsky

Lecture invitation Abstract
People use powerful telescopes to investigate stars and galaxies millions of millions miles away from the Earth. The lecture will bring audience in the opposite world – so-called nano-world of 1/1,000,000,000 of a yard, distances where molecules “live and travel”.
How do we know that they are there? Can we see them? What did Old Greeks and Romans know about molecules? Who was the first? What does diffusion mean? And why do we have questions about, even 100 years after Einstein has explained it all?
Answers to these and other questions will be proposed during the lecture. Fascinating images from most modern microscopes and super-computers will help us to understand the unbelievable huge but very small world of molecules, which literally dance on the head of a pin.
And after all, do only molecules diffuse, can, for instance, knowledge diffuse too, and what has Preston to do with this?

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