Yuhang Zheng (Paul)

Hello everyone! My name is Yuhang Zheng and my English name is Paul. I came from China and also I’m a Chinese. I study Applied Physics for three years. This is my third of my undergraduate. Maybe I will do my master also in Britain.
In faith, I like to do this subject, but I’m not very smart and I think I won’t be a physical professor or a scientist. But in other hand, this is a new opportunity for me. You never know how can you do it, but when you finish it and it will not be bad.
I learn English nearly ten years, but it is still not so good. In china, almost I didn’t need to use English, so I just used a little time to practice my English. But I really what to improve my English and I want to have some British friends. I like to cooking food by myself and share it with my friends. I like to travel with my friends and my family and it is an indispensable part of my life. I know what l want to do in the future. When I graduated I would go back to China and realize my dream.

My 3rd year project is about the basic physics of block copolymer and using a computer program to investigate it. The block copolymers are a part of the contemporary macromolecular science. The block copolymer structures were used in so many domains, such as military affairs, medical treatment, industry and our life. They are became a very important part of our life. Block copolymers are a new subject of physics and chemistry and they just have a short history, it is about scores of years. Block copolymers are very useful for many courses, and for example physics and chemical have knowledge have physics and chemical. Using soft materials is a kind of application of the nano-technology. The nanoscale self-organization can use polymer chains to link polymer together in block copolymer. Under these kinds of materials, the polymer can be combined by the chains and give the physical properties for materials. Block copolymers have a wide range of applications. These can be used in the solid and rubbery states for thermoplastic elastomers and the application such as compatibilization, impact modification and pressure-sensitive adhesion.

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