Why nano thinking will help you succeed in a big way?

Another pedagogical post from Professor Ahmed.

Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine

Have you set new years resolutions such as, I am going to lose 4 stones; run a marathon; become a millionaire? Have you achieved any of these goals? Almost everyone has grand new year resolutions and 90% of the time you set them knowing that you will give up in a couple of weeks. I am just like everyone else, I start after the new year with big goals and give up after a couple of weeks. Makes me feel like crap.

When it comes to setting goals and achieving things I have been telling people for years; “you need to stretch and think big. Come on you can do it; go for the best first; be number 1”. I say to people, “don’t believe in limitations because most are self imposed and arise from fear of failure.”

I should know better. As a Professor of Nanotechnology I know that small…

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