Methods in Molecular Simulation summer school 2012

Roberta is participating in Methods in Molecular Simulation summer school 2012, which is taking place at Cardiff University, July 22- July 31 2012.

Some of the participants at the summer school 2012 at Cardiff University.

The purpose  is giving  a comprehensive introduction in molecular  simulation methodology. The course covers the basic elements of statistical mechanics and gives a thorough grounding in the methodologies and applications of Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations.  During these days  interesting lectures are alternating with practical sessions on computational methods.

Professor John Harding during the lecture regarding Interatomic Potentials.

Moreover, the school organized a plenary session dedicated to shorts (15 min. ) talks given by the students. In order to recognise the high standard of the presentations made by the students, the organizers made an award to Mr Donguk Suh (Keio University), who presented ” Molecular Dynamics analysis on edge effects of nanoparticle growth”.

I found this event useful, and stimulating.

During the free time we had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and the sunshine of the city.

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