Multinational success: Adelchi graduates !

On Friday, 12th July 2013,  our MPhys student, Adelchi Asta graduates from UCLan ! Adelchi is from Franco-Italian family, he spent his earlier life in Rome and Paris, but decided to get a university physics degree in UK. And he did ! See the photo and also look on our Flickr. Adelchi conducted his  MPhys project under the supervision of Dr Marco Pinna (an Italian); during the project time he also visited University of Barcelona, Spain, to work with Professor Ignacio Pagonabarraga. He also read a few modules in his 1st, 3rd and 4th year with Andrei (a Dutch national of  Russian origin from Ukraine 🙂 ) That is truly most multinational effort ! But that is not all: after the graduation Adelchi goes to the Netherlands for an internship at ESA (European Space Agency) in the materials department.

A happy 12th July 2013.

A happy 12th July 2013:
Andrei, Adelchi, Marco (left to right).

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