My Life Experience at UCLan

Study Physics in Lincoln


I was 17 years old when I first heard the word UCLan. I was told by an Astrophysicist, friend of my father, that British universities were quite good. Moreover, since the language of Science is nowadays English I said to myself “why not trying?”.

The truth was that I had no clue what to expect nor I really knew where Preston was.

I then left Paris to go to Preston and for four years people kept asking me: “why did you come to Preston?” I have only found an answer to this question at the end of this special experience, after my fourth year.

For those who do not know it, France is a very elitist country. Only those who excel can stay in the system, otherwise you get kicked out. In the UK this is totally different: England is the country that gives an opportunity to everyone and allows…

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