Visit and seminar by Gerhard Goldbeck

Dr Gerhard Goldbeck from Goldbeck Consulting Ltd, Cambridge, UK, visited our group on 2 December 2014 and gave a seminar.

From model author to consumer: evidence of transfer and impact

Dr Gerhard Goldbeck (Goldbeck Consulting Ltd, Cambridge, UK)

 2 December, 4-5pm, JBL0W05

The evidence for economic impact of molecular modelling of chemicals and materials is investigated, including the mechanisms by which impact is achieved and how it is measured.

The impact of modelling can be traced from the authors of algorithms via the users of software to the R&D staff using the information in the development of new products. A quantitative approach is attempted  by considering available evidence of impact and transmission from the model author to the wider economy.

The drivers and obstacles for successful science to business collaboration are also analysed based on surveys and interviews with  the sections of the modelling community in Europe.  The lack of  skilled multi-scale translators becomes evident, and potential  implications for funding policy are discussed.


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