Poster presentation at Warwick and Durham meetings in June

Poster_WarwickThe first two weeks of June, Fabien attended two one-day meetings on Condensed Matter Physics to present a poster on his current research on Curvature Induced Phase Separation in Cubic Phases.

The first meeting was the IOP Theory of Condensed Matter Group Annual Meeting 2015  at the University of Warwick. This meeting is traditionally more concerned with solid state physics (or hard condensed matter) but recently has been including more and more soft matter and will continue doing so in the coming years. This is a good opportunity for different communities to meet and exchange.

The second meeting was the Structured, Soft and Biological Matter meeting held in Durham. The meeting had a double purpose: 1) get researchers of many different areas related to soft matter in the UK to meet in one location and 2) mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of Soft Matter. The theme overall revolved around polymer physical-chemistry, crucial for the synthesis and understanding of a consequent fraction of soft materials.

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