Molecular Simulation Summer School


Javier Díaz attended the 2015 Summer School ‘Methods in Molecular Simulations’, organized by CCP5, which took place in Manchester between 12 and 21 of July 2015.

The course was structure in such a way that during the first half of the day theoretical lectures were taught. These included a review on Statistical Mechanics, Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Methods, as well as shorter lectures on Free Energy methods and Optimization. During the afternoon we were provided with practical exercises, mainly coded in FORTRAN language.

At the end of each day there was a research seminar devoted to many up-to-date topics. Marcus C. Bannerman’s discussion on event-driven dynamics was particularly interesting.

During the last three days we were provided with an advanced course in Mesoscale Methods, which was very useful to my understanding of the work done in the PhD at Lincoln.

This summer school has definitely been a great opportunity to learn new methods and, personally, it has been a huge experience to meet other PhD students.

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