Physics Seminar: Dr Mohamed Alhnan

Date: Wednesday 11th of December 2019, 13:00.
Location: INB3305 (Isaac Newton Building, #14).

‘On Demand manufacturing of oral dosage forms: A focus on multi-material and FDM 3D printing’

by Dr Mohamed A Alhnan, King’s College London, London, UK.


Personalised dosing is an upcoming and promising approach in drug therapy that ensures doses are tailored to an individual patient’s needs and preferences. This can reduce the incidence of side effects and risk of overdose as pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic factors are able to be considered along with the age and weight of the patient. Over the years, individualising liquid oral dosage forms e.g. solutions and suspensions have been carried out by a variety of simple dosing aids e.g. calibrated spoons, droppers or syringes. Although these methods provided a low-cost solution, they were however associated with human errors during dosing. The pharmaceutical applications of 3D printers in pharmaceutical production have demonstrated great potential as an alternative manufacturing technique for personalising dosage forms at a peripheral level. Dr Alhnan will explore the applying fused deposition modelling and multi-material 3D printing techniques for on demand manufacturing of tablets and capsules.

About Dr Mohamed Alhnan
Dr Alhnan is a registered pharmacist and a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Medicine at King’s College University, London. Dr Alhnan’s fundamental research has led to several world firsts; first example of using pharmaceutical grade polymers in FDM 3D printing, first 3D printed tablets to meet the US Pharmacopoeias for delayed release products, and first examples of 3D printing of liquid capsule. He introduced and patented the innovative concept of tablets of complex architecture as a solution for fast disintegration and dissolution. Mohamed is working with industrial and clinical partners on the manufacturing of 3D printed dosage forms.

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